Jane High

Bespoke Animal Portraits

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I started this portrait, the second in the trilogy, while demonstrating at a local library shortly after beginning ‘Observer’.  I then continued to finish it before going back to complete the first one.  Once again a Pébéo 3D Linen Naturel canvas was used to give a soft background which harmonised with the image.  The whole picture was blocked in with washes from a limited pallete of six colours plus white and darker shaded areas at the base of the head were established.  Next details within the eye were added, textures on the head built up and markings mapped out on the neck.   After this the mane was ghosted in while building up the strength of colour with strong yellow and orange hues on the head and neck, modelling to the muzzle and ear were also added.  Finer details within the eye and nostril were added to enhance realism and layers of strong colour lined in for the mane  following the angle of  the neck while leaving natural gaps within.  Deeper tints were then added to the neck  building up the graduation from dark to light and the markings enriched.  Finally the faint markings on the head were added using white based washes over dark areas and the larger markings were softened and blended.

To finish the eyelashes and hairs around the chin and muzzle were lined in with a fine brush and once the paint had dried the portrait was covered with a protective matt varnish.