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Bespoke Animal Portraits

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I will produce a lifelike image of your pet (both pedigree or non) or a wildlife portrait from a photograph.  The portrait will capture the character and personality of the animal.


Portraits can be produced in the below forms:

  • Single image
  • Multi image
  • Head image
  • Head and shoulder image
  • Full body image

Photographic Tips

In order for a realistic animal portrait to be produced it is necessary for good quality reference to be supplied using a camera rather than a mobile phone, so as to produce a clear image with as much detail as possible.  A close up image which clearly displays the animal’s features, especially the eyes, as they are essential in capturing the essence, expression and individuality of the animal.  The importance of supplying a good quality image cannot be stressed enough as a portrait’s success will rely on the visual information received.


A natural light source is far more successful than using flash photography which can often cause red eye.  Avoid taking shots directly into the light, opting to keep the light source behind you therefore avoiding a bleached out image which could change the animal’s colouring.  Equally so avoid taking images in the shade as the image may be too dark to enable details to be seen.


When photographing your chosen subject avoid taking a view from above or below as this will distort the image.  The shot will be more successful if taken on the same level as the animal, ideally at a slight angle to display the profile rather than a head on shot, which can foreshorten the pose.


Portraits can be produced in a range of mediums:

  • Pastel
  • Oil
  • Watercolour
  • Coloured Pencil


The portrait can be of any size which suits the subject matter,  as long as the final piece can be reasonably transported.


Portraits can be produced with or without a background which may reflect in the price.  If selecting a pastel portrait or a coloured pencil portrait a range of coloured boards/papers are available in place of a created background.


The cost of the portrait will depend on the size, medium and complexity of the subject.


Portraits can be delivered if in the local area or delivery using a carrier service can be discussed.


Portraits in Oil, Watercolour and Pencil can be delivered without a frame, but pastels due to their unstable nature will need to be framed when transported.  Framing can be discussed at enquiry.


The amount of time will vary on completion of the portrait according to the medium used and how involved  the subject matter is.

Payment Details

Payment can be made direct by bank transfer or alternatively by secure payment through PayPal.